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    health resorts of Kerch
  • Sanatorium ' the Sail '
  • Boarding house ' the Lock '
  • Boarding house ' the Dawn'
  • Boarding house ' Kiev '
  • Boarding house ' Hope '
  • Base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • Base of rest ' the Surf '
  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    the Arabatsky arrow

    In the north from Kerch in area with. Bondarenkovo is a field of mud volcanoes : from cracks in terrestrial bowels not magma, and the blue-green clay forming low hills with craters or lake of a liquid dirt here is thrown out. At all do not approach to them close - it is possible to fail very deeply. And a hand in clay do not spoil, it quickly undertakes a bark, and to wash it there is no place, to the sea some kilometres.

    Mud volcanoes have no relation to eruptions of magma. Emissions of a dirt from the big depths are connected with decomposition of the big weights of organic substance which as a result of earth crust breaks have appeared at the bottom of huge cracks.

    In the east of the Azov coast of Kerch peninsula, at with. Resort (Mum Russian) it was stretched picturesque Chokraksky lake and excellent sandy pour. A vysokosulfidnye dirt and rapa lakes is since ancient times known for the curative properties. In days of the Great Patriotic War in lake the German plane has fallen, but pilot Joseph Boyes has survived (!) and subsequently became the known sculptor in Austria. Works from beer honey, wax and felt all life connected it with medicines which it left the local shepherd.

    The In itself village Mum Russian is based by conservatives, natives of Russian North, and represents ethnographic interest. By habitation search it is necessary to find out in addition, how much you kvartirosdatchiki are ready to tourist liberties – to bathing by naked child, free love, bodi-artu, to piercing and all other that on all local coast, in general, does not cause not only any objections, but even curiosity.

    Rocky capes on both parties of a local gulf abound with the pocket beaches so attractive to fans of continuous sunburn and bared bathing, and heaps of rocks from grey porous kerchenskogo limestone. Limits in imagination of natural sculptors – waters, a wind and a frost – not to find, probably. Anyway, each walk along these haosov allows an occasion to be surprised and enjoy.

    As to lake along it especially you will not take a walk. Hydrogen sulphide, however, it that does rotten products so unpleasant on a smell. Dead water from Russian fairy tales – it also is. However without dead water grew together nothing and did not recover.

    A lake Dirt is used for treatment of difficult chronic diseases, for example, an antritis in hospitals and health resorts of Kerch, and also in boarding house "Dawn" (with. Nizhne-overseas). On the basis of these techniques it is planned to make an all-the-year-round resort the largest and comfortable health resort of region – "the Crimean Priazovye" in ShChelkino.

    Thanks to tourist revival at coast of sea of Azov the development impulse has received also district of Lenin area settlement of city type Lenino (station Seven Kolodezej ). TO the sea from here only 5 kilometres so to go on a beach of a special problem is not present.

    Remarkable for tourism the settlement does not represent Anything, except an ancient legend about 7 wells. However in settlement good and convenient trade, bank services, transport knot (railway station, road service station and taxi parking). The settlement is surrounded by the man-made woods recognised as reserved object. But, in general, anybody especially is not late in Lenino as the most attractive object for travel here is Kazantip.

    Cape Kazantip , leaving to sea of Azov is far on the north, extremely interesting place which has become known only in last 20 years.

    On cape Kazantip, to be exact on the bank of Aktashsky salty lake, it has been decided to erect nuclear station . The big efforts and even hunger-strikes Crimean "чхыхэ№§" building have stopped. But there were huge cases, in which tens years the wind, and a city ShChelkino walked. It is named in honour of academician Cyril Ivanovicha ShChelkina (1911 - 1968), which, as well as. V.Kurchatov, has got education at the Simferopol university, and then became the father of nuclear and hydrogen bombs and, naturally, atomic engineering.

    Gorod ShChelkino became a city-phantom in which people remained without work and attention. It named the Crimean Sicily for organised crime revelry in the mid-nineties and huge scales illegal lova sturgeons and extraction of black caviar.

    Nevertheless the city has survived. The huge Russian bay with a remarkable sandy beach is directly before quarters ShChelkino, and in several kilometres on other party of cape Kazantip there are not less magnificent beaches of the Tatar bay. Thus 2500 hours of solar light per a year! More than in Evpatoria that to speak about Nice or Sochi where in the summer often there are rains.

    At the basis of cape Kazantip in ancient fishing village Mysovoe roughly develops a private sector. Here in general it is possible to run across simply from one bay on another. After all if in one bay a wind and a storm, in another – a full calm. Thanks to this feature of ShChelkino and Mysovoe it is very popular at serferov, fans of driving on a water board. Oceanic big waves on sea of Azov certainly does not happen. Here go for a drive on sailing boards (vindgljajdah, vindserfah and fanbordah) and boards which are towed by kites (kaft-surf). Especially successful weather for driving is established in August-September.

    And in July of times in two years nurseries of festival of dance "the Dancing dolphin" are spent.

    After the first disco on the nuclear reactor in 1995 Kazantip became a cult place for all advanced molozhezhi. To it, the truth, by 1998 has joined a lot of unadvanced that spoilt mood and ekstremalam and to local authorities. So the Kazantipsky festival of youth culture wanders now across Crimea and even is cloned, unexpectedly arising on different resorts.

    The Most advanced Moscow magazines "¤=¦ё" and "¦р=рфюЁ" in 1997 have christened Kazantip the main party of a beach season of Russia and the adjoining countries, and godforsaken and people designs of the Crimean nuclear station "фхъюЁрчшхщ in cost 1 000 000 000 фюыырЁют" and the most grandiose monument of industrial culture. The most part of buildings of nuclear station is disassembled now, unique tower cranes also are sold. There was only monolithic ferro-concrete tower of the main reactor. So for adherents of culture "indastriel" the object of pilgrimage is still left.

    The Reserved cape Kazantip is to the north of ShChelkino on Kerch peninsula. Kazantip - on-tatarski a copper bottom. From different directions the round cape in the plan, far leaving to sea of Azov, is surrounded by rocky hills, height about 170-190 m. Their breakages to coast are very picturesque, grey porous kerchensky limestone forms set of amusing figures.

    Very often in the literature and stories of guides it is possible to meet opinion that is an ancient coral reef. Those who have visited on coral reeves can solve for itself this riddle. But that a place this absolutely especial – under the external forms, vegetation, fauna, power, is will tell any person who has visited here at least of time …

    Thanks to a total absence of fresh water it remained untouched a civilisation. Only last years here there were oil wells which, however, are romantic enough and remind of the Texas westerns (the company, really, with the Texas participation).

    In flora the set rare now kinds of not opened dry steppes, with the richest world of insects peculiar to them and small animals has remained. But the main thing that is protected in the reserve, formed all ten years ago, matochnye (genetically valuable) communities of the Azov fish: the bull-calfe, a sturgeon, a mullet and other kinds.

    On reserve paid, the permission it is necessary to make out the Input in the centre of ShChelkino. Here excellent bathing, especially for naturistov, and unusual landscapes allow to earn both to artists, and photographers. A variety of bays and easy biases of tracks give possibilities for walks on foot, top or on a mountain bicycle for any age and preparation.

    Villages Nizhnezamorsky, Gold, New pleasant and Sand are ashore the Kazantipsky gulf sea of Azov. Afar a gulf on 25 km fine peschano-shelly beaches in width of 20-30 m. a sea Bottom sandy, superficial last. Lengthways exhausting with work lesovodov fine woods, basically from a white acacia are created. The combination of these elegant southern trees to the dunes reminding Baltic, amazes imagination.

    From station Fresh-water on the south the rests of an ancient defensive shaft which is known as Uzunlarsky (it are clearly traced in a relief Asandrov (in honour bosporskogo conducts to lake Uzunlar in the south of Kerch peninsula), or tsar Asandra who has strengthened a shaft in I century BC). Who has created for the first time this grandiose construction and when - it is not known.

    Predpolozhitel, it, as well as the Rekopsky shaft in the north of Crimea, and the Akmonajsky shaft in the narrowest part of Kerch peninsula (from with. Kamenki, former Ak-Monaj to settlement Seaside) - all these ditches and shaft remained from ancient river systems which replaced each other as drift of continents changed outlines of Crimea and an inclination of its surface.

    The Same processes accompanied and approach or deviation sea vorskih в5льных sites of a land or on all Azovo-Black Sea pool, the abundance of estuaries - coastal salty lakes speaks.

    Igor Uljankin

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