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    Coast of Black sea, with. JAkovenkovo, Opuk, cape Chauda

    The Black Sea coast of Kerch peninsula on a huge extent is not suitable for bathing. Only at with. Jakovenkovo is a convenient bay with a good beach. The basic part of a beach is arranged well for the big base of rest, but on its territory (beautifully planted trees and shrubs) freely pass and having a rest, lodging in village.

    Further on the West along coast there are numerous first coats. Two lakes - Kojashsky and Uzunlarsky are separated from the sea by excellent sandy rerashes. Anything civilised for rest of tourists here still is not present. And independent rest is complicated by a century problem of fresh water in these parts. At any moment of road can be blocked because of military doctrines. So especially without dreaming, considering tourist cards about local beaches and open spaces.

    Though, of course, places very original also are not deprived by attention of the of regional studies and scientific literature.

    Thanks to huge ranges voensovhoza "East" on cape Opuk (since 1993 it reserve ) have remained protogenic steppes and a unique colony of a pink starling, anywhere in the world any more not meeting.

    Recently South Bosporsky expedition of Institute of archeology of National academy of sciences of Ukraine (head V.K.Golenko) has found out in ruins of an ancient fortress stelu with runicheskimi signs. Soldiers-magicians could leave them legendary geruly . The Roman historians mention that geruly have appeared in Crimea at the time of Great resettlement of the people (3-4 centuries of our era). And the Scandinavian sagas speak about an origin of Odina and other gods of Vikings from the mysterious southern earth Azov.

    The Cape represents a unique landscape complex – something like a splinter of Mountain Crimea. The hills visible from apart from everywhere differ original vegetation and a microclimate. The file is combined by limestones (as some researchers confirm – rifovymi), in breakages some grottoes open. Top, as well as at all Crimean mountains – flat, slopes abound with ledges, breakages, crevices. And it is unusually good for gnezdovja birds. In total here there are 43 kinds of the feathery. Besides unusually beautiful and rare pink starling, it is a seagull-hohotunja, a cormorant, zhulan, a blue rock pigeon, a horned owl, peganka, the falcon-sapsan.

    Rare sources for these places with excellent water and excellent beaches create perfect conditions for rest. But earlier it was the military zone, and now reserve. So here as though also have not a rest, and on educational experts students – geologists, ecologists, biologists, soil scientists, historians only are blissfully happy. However for this purpose their heads should obtain the permit in Simferopol in nature protection department.

    Opposite to cape in the sea there are some rocks-islets from grey porous, but dense kerchenskogo limestone, - Rocks-ships .

    At cape Chauda there is closed for access of strangers a garrison of the Russian Black Sea fleet. The settlement is called Black Sea , and on modern tourist cards also has pripisochku (nezh.) that means "uninhabited" - type a terrible secret. It not only is silly, and even is shocking. Looking at a card, tourists can be tempted with possibility to sweep to the sea on asphalt highway, and then it is romantic to stay the night among the uninhabited thrown structures. And all will end with that they will appear before a barrier. Access not only to settlement (it still can be worried), but to all beach zone on many kilometres around is closed. There is no access also to any sources of fresh water.

    Actually road from Black Sea to Feodosiya very long and broken through everyone some metres, it is necessary so to go near to it simply on a ground.

    Between road and the sea there is a range of the Ukrainian armed forces. Doctrines here are spent not often. During such periods at highway posts are exposed.

    The Local population and their numerous (during a resort season) relatives without special problems on uncountable first coats goes to bathe on cape Chauda. Around a beacon remarkable beaches are located. In coastal breakage it is bared well-known ancient oyster bank with the hardened sea organisms. All these beauty are usually extolled in guidebooks. However, without local you have not enough chances to them to get. Roads disgusting of any signs and indexes, except «entrance is prohibited». Even if you receive the entry visa in this zone from the Russian or Ukrainian command, independently it is not necessary to travel. Vicinities are absolutely deprived water sources, in local villages the waterpipe is absent, and shops work extremely irregularly.

    As Unique entertainment on huge lifeless open spaces the cone-shaped silhouette a mud hill of Dzhau-tepe (116 metres) serves.

    In general, unique sense and an occasion to visit local places – hunting. The office Chaudinsky ohothozjajstva is located in district Lenino.

    The Settlement having a loud name Southern , at all settlement, and farm with two numbers of houses. They have even no fences and front gardens, as water imported. It is difficult to tell, for what purpose these houses were under construction, there can be something military, there can be a branch of fishing collective farm. Anyway, teperkolhoza. Anyway, teperovannyj a beach with extensive shoal.

    In one of bays to the east of garrison Seaside the first Soviet cosmonauts learnt to leave landers. Here tested also different designs of parachutes for these devices (them thought out and sewed in Feodosiya ), and methods of detection of landers in difficult visibility conditions and storm, and also fulfilled interaction of different divisions and means for reception of cosmonauts aboard courts or helicopters. The bay now is called as a bay of Cosmonauts, but excursions to it are spent only by officers and the engineers directly participating in these nice affairs.

    Igor Uljankin

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