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  • Sanatorium ' the Sail '
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  • Boarding house ' Hope '
  • Base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • Base of rest ' the Surf '
  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    Kerch strait, Eni-kale, the Kerchensky fortress

    In high breakages of passage prolayers of iron ore are quite often bared, and among a beach pebble the bowls of ancient molluscs replaced with iron with wonderful dark blue crystals kerchenita come across. There are also exits of cosmetic blue clay.

    The Fortress Eni-Kale (the New fortress) is erected by Turks in 1703 at the bottleneck of passage – to the east from Kerch towards the Crossing. The third circle of a fortress is decorated by turrets in the Turkish style, smoothly rounded off domes and which bases, possibly, well turned away blows of cannon shells on a tangent. And powerful tools from here easily covered the ships in passage.

    The Autumn of 1943 in area Eni-Kale the Soviet armies had been landed a sea landing. Five months commandoes conducted difficult fights with the Hitlerites, trying to destroy base On a place of fights on small Enikalesky peninsula the monument towers.

    On the south from Kerch the Kerchensky fortress , created by engineer Totlebenom, the hero of the first defence of Sevastopol is recently declassified and prepared for excursions . A fortress all vrezana in the earth also represents already other stage of military-engineering thought.

    Beauty and pride of the Kerchensky fortress - subways. They have generated weight of legends and terrifying stories - about wells-traps, many-storeyed vaults, multikilometer tunnels … Them the great variety here is valid; almost all constructions, - batteries, kaponiry, barracks, powder cellars, - are informed with each other by underground transitions – poternami. Biggest of them - a 600-metre tunnel connecting a fort of "Totleben" with coastal batteries.

    As well as it is necessary, subways are mysterious and mysterious, but at the same time – have especially practical function. It is known that because of absence of shelters only in the first day of bombardment of Sevastopol there is more than thousand persons were lost absolutely senselessly. Therefore the builder of a fortress general Totleben very seriously concerned durability, reliability of courses of the message: poterny gave the chance to move free during bombardment underground to a considerable quantity of people and by that losses decreased essentially.

    The Big lake Tobechik to the south from Kerch possesses a curative dirt. It is separated from passage by a rerash forming an excellent beach. To the north of lake in coastal breakage it is bared ancient oyster bank - the whole layer from bowls dvustvornyh molluscs.

    For those who loves walks along a beach, it is possible to offer a remarkable route – about 15 kilometres it is possible to walk from a beach in Eltigene (Geroevsky) to boarding houses in Treasured, bathing in the sea, collecting entertaining bowls and staring at floating vessels. The average part of this route, especially in June is absolutely deserted so quite probably to "force, be covered with blue clay and simply to take pleasure in dialogue with the nature in loneliness.

    Igor Uljankin

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