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    health resorts of Kerch
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  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    Resort factors

    The Main value of region is the warm sea, sea water areas with different properties are more exact some. Black sea well-known. Its salinity much more low, than in waters of world ocean and Mediterranean sea. On many physical indicators water of Black sea is close on structure to blood of the person. Anyway, it does not cause unpleasant sensations at drying of a skin and there is no necessity to take a shower after bathing. The Black Sea water does not possess such density as the sea on many known resorts (Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Thailand) and allows a diving from any height. Here has remained the protogenic flora which has disappeared everywhere and animals of steppe. One of large files virgin steppe is protected from raspashki on the Arabatsky arrow.

    Two local reserves – Kazantipsky at coast of sea of Azov and Opuksky – at coast Black are Most known. They and the nature are isolated from economic development. About the tourist centres it is possible to find the detailed information on possibilities of visiting and informative value of these places in section.

    Astaninsky plavni are interesting to experts. The set of nesting birds is created always by a specific smell and noise which it is far not to each tourist it is pleasant. Naturally, in plavnjah and improbable quantity of mosquitoes. But not superfluous and for health-resort visitors will know that that in plavnjah nests testifies to high degree of ecological cleanliness of region and the set of birds has a rest on flight: ducks-ogari, a grey crane, a crane-krasavka, a swan-shipun.

    Many rocky sites of coast with especially pure water where live matochnye (elite) jambs of valuable breeds of fish are declared by nature sanctuaries. It pribrezhno-akvalnye complexes along cape Kazantip, cape Hroni, cape Karangat, at mountain Opuk and Rocks-ships, at cape Chauda.

    Reserved are considered also curative seaside lakes-estuaries : CHokrak, Tobechik and Aktash (though the last as a result of building of the Crimean nuclear station and flooding of the earths because of a filtration of waters of the North Crimean channel already has completely lost natural mechanisms of self-control of ecological system).

    Kerch peninsula (as well as nearby on a Russian side of Kerch strait Tamansky) has set of the original nature sanctuaries which origin is yet clear. It mud hills and fields of mud volcanoes . Hills name for a long time not operating mud volcanoes. Mud volcanoes are not connected with seismic activity, eruptions of a lava and in general activity of a terrestrial cloak in any way. More likely they are connected with oil and gas formation. From the big depths (but not from a cloak) on cracks in rocks (usually it is clay) the liquid cold dirt rises on a surface. In it many organic substances. How the organic chemistry has got on so big depths and as processes of its decomposition there long proceed, to tell is exact yet probably. It is possible to say only that the mechanism of origin of mud volcanoes is connected with any big accident and hardly it was very much for a long time. The most entertainment are groups and fields of mud volcanoes near villages Bondarenkovo and Glazovka. ATTENTION of a field of a liquid dirt always are over cracks in breeds. Do not approach to them close!

    Very original monuments of already human care of the nature and ecological equilibrium are artificial landings the Crimean pine, a thuja, white "рърчшш" (botany name its pseudo-acacia robinija) near to regional centre Lenino and along coast of the Kazantipsky gulf. Here these man-made woods are especially good and romantic, adjoining to the sandy dunes reminding the well-known Baltic.

    Igor Uljankin

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