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    Transport, habitation, a food

    Transport lines only two (the highway and the railway), also go they in parallel along all Kerch peninsula from Feodosiya to Kerch and further through Port Crimea to Kuban, to Russia, passing through more and more or less large settlements. The railway goes more close to the Azov coast. The Black Sea coast of Kerch peninsula before recent time was a prohibited zone. And now there especially you will not clear up (more precisely - you will not find anything interesting), desert however.

    Road service station. buses depart From it not only long-distance lines, but also almost all city routes. Is on street Eryomenko, 30, help: ph. 53 572.

    a taxi Call: ph. 20 314.

    Agency of air communications: Gaydar's street, 9, bodies. 23 044, 2-04-21. In agency cash desk it is possible to get the ticket not only for planes of local airlines, but also for any plane which is taking off from Simferopol.

    Railway station: Privokzalnaja the area, ph. 20 029. To the station area it is possible to pass by buses № 6, 22, 24. Help station — ph. 20 029; 21 126. The Advance booking office — Gaydar's street, 9, ph. 21 126, 29 075.

    the Marina: street of Kirov, 12, it is possible to receive necessary inquiries on ph. 19339.

    To to a ferry (port Crimea, bodies. 49 559, 4-95-09) to go by bus №1 or 18, the stop "¤юЁ= -Ё№ь".

    the CUSTOMS SERVICE is in Kerch on street Furmanova, 9, ph. 20 575.

    Habitation. In the city and especially in its working settlements the set of standard Soviet apartments in high-rise buildings surrenders cheaply. In seaside villages - rooms in fishing houses, besides cheaply. In them it is not especially comfortable and it is not especially adapted for tourists, after all the season very short and is not present special sense to build separate habitation for letting. Such habitation is very interesting only to those who really not simply wishes to have a rest, but also to get acquainted with a local life.

    In untwisted and treated kindly the attention of well-founded public places like ShChelkino and Mysovogo constructs set of comfortable country houses and cottages directly on beaches. Here each trifle is already considered and all is intended for rest. The general to choose to you, to choose is from what.

    Some hotels of Kerch also bear in themselves original lines of the left already irrevocably Soviet civilisation.

    Hotel "-хЁёі" - street of Kirov, 11, ph. 21 155. There are in the city centre, near to a marina, mails, department store. Cheaply, silently, solidly, nomenklaturno. The Soviet officials could communicate here with stars of the Soviet cinema and a platform, silently and resignedly dividing burdens, deprivations, delights and privileges of the Soviet business trips.

    Hotel of seamen "¦хЁшфшрэ" - street Sverdlova, 83, ph. 20556. Mysterious, closed and so up to the end and not declassified world of the Soviet seamen zagranplavanija, fartsovshchikov and extensive okolomorjatskoj structures.

    "¦хцЁхщёют№щ rest ьюЁ ър" - street Marata, 9. To go by bus № 5, 6, 19, 27 to a stop "-хЁёіЁ№сяЁюь". Phone for room reservation - (0656 20664; 25810. Legendary kerchenskie beauties managed to find here for themselves several husbands with whom truly and happily divided the life strictly under the schedule of arrival of courts in Kerchensky port.

    With search of habitation you will be helped by kvartirno-intermediary bureau - street of Kirov, 11, ph. 21 167.

    a Food differs cheapness, both at independent cooking, and in cafe or restaurants. Among products especially it is necessary to allocate fish whom here still it is a lot of. And, fish is prepared rather well by local men, putting in it special sense and arranging this sacrament with appropriate ritual.

    Among vegetables improbable taste, aroma and sweet local tomatoes differ. But their real taste can be estimated only if you tear them directly from a bed and eat dirty, only having erased from their scarlet sides a wax touch.

    In general if want full immersing in a charm of a local life, it is better to stop in the present fishing village. Thus it is better even not to think of how here people survive in the winter …

    In the Summer all only pleases.

    From fruit everything grows that it is possible to find in a moderate climatic zone, at good owners is both a fig, and peaches, and apricots. Without special leaving plum perfectly fructifies. So it is a lot of cherry that anybody also does not clean it, set of trees grow in itself simply in streets. The strawberry and other berries of the Midland demand plentiful poliva so cost much.

    Igor Uljanki

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