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    Archaeological expeditions and role modelling

    On Kerch peninsula the set of archaeological expeditions worked, but is most accessible to the tourists, wishing to take part in excavation Artesian expedition the Moscow pedagogical university.

    The Road conducting from Chistopolja, results in the Artesian beam where approximately in V century the Greek settlement which is presumably called as Porosta B.C. has been based.

    The Settlement has existed up to V century of our era. Here there lived Greeks, Scythians; later, VIII - IX centuries, tribes of nomads, in XIII - - Tatars lodged XVII centuries. In a XIX-th century in territory of a site of ancient settlement there was an orthodox cemetery.

    Every summer, since the end of May, on Artezian there comes expedition of the Moscow pedagogical State university over which the doctor of historical sciences, the senior lecturer of chair of ancient history and Middle Ages MPGU Nikolay Igorevich Vinokurov supervises. Together with it there come students from the Moscow state university, group of schools, lycées of Moscow.

    Many children participating on expedition in school days, come back here as volunteers later.
    Now goes raskop antique layers. Thanks to the previous work, archeologists it has been found out that Porosta was one of large settlements of Panticapaeum, population density reached 800 persons. In its centre there was a citadel (a small fortress) with six towers. Only the base and socle level which allows to define the area of one of angular towers - 5х5 m., and a thickness of walls - to 4 metres up to now has remained. The fortress has been enclosed by a ditch depth to 1,5 metres. In a state of dependence of Bospora from Rome here there was a Roman garrison: the rests of the Roman barracks have been found.

    Also it is known that inhabitants of settlement were engaged in wine growing and cultivation of the grain: at a large quantity here there are holes for grain storage (and, not showered for 2 thousand years) and a little grape davilen.
    Throughout last four years expedition digs a necropolis. It has appeared not plundered "ёхЁэ№ьш рЁ§хюыюурьш" also has perfectly remained. Last years the considerable quantity of bowls, jugs, both ceramic, and glass, knifes, suspension brackets, fibul, hairpins, terracotta figurines has been found. All finds have been handed over in Kerchensky state historical and cultural reserve. The separate stand of a museum where the most valuable finds, except precious metals which are stored in "чюыю=ющ ъырфютющ" are exposed is devoted artesian expedition;.

    From the moment of the basis the site of ancient settlement collapsed some times, both as a result of earthquakes, and as a result of barbarous attacks. However, it continues to collapse and now. Expedition raskop last year as on it have literally attacked "ёхЁэ№х рЁ§хюыюуш" has not had time to leave; which have ruined burials. It is almost impossible to find not plundered burial in the come season, and, hence, and to make any finds.

    R abotu expeditions are supported by fund of archeology which involves volunteers from all Russia, and also from the far abroad. Muscovites plan to set up the second camp which will study settlement Bagerovo-northern.

    The way clubs of historical fencing and role modelling address to an antique antiquity local and visitors. They specialise on Ancient Greek and ellinskom a way of life. It is quite natural that their main hero is Achilles , the native of small port small town of the Acre on Kerch strait (Bospore Kimmerijsky). In honour of Ahilla summer athletic games of Ahilleady, and also campaigns and expeditions along all chain coastal ellinskih colonies in full antique equipment are arranged. It at all so is heavy and unhygienic as a knightly armour so "elliny" and "Romans" in a literal sense are not soared. Commercial representations, and also photographing in an antique armour it is arranged during a summer season on a grief Mitridat.

    Igor Uljankin

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