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    Educational tourism, geological collections

    It is possible to name Kerch peninsula quite a museum with geological, botanical, zoological and historical treasures. And, not only visiting of this museum, but also work with its exhibits (together with their export) does not demand any payment. In Europe such places has remained a little. Thus the region nature in many places does not bear on itself even traces of influence of the XX-th century, and in many places stores Middle Ages and antiquity striking traits. There are also so-called relic soils – to search for them especially it is not necessary. Simply on country sites kerchan not a rarity ancient chernozems which were generated under oak groves and meadow steppes in more favorable and damp conditions of an antiquity.

    Therefore here on summer experts students of many high schools of Ukraine, Russia and other countries traditionally direct. The knowledge of secrets of the nature thus in the best way coincides with knowledge of its caresses: the seas, the sun, fish and mussels.

    Not without pleasure students and graduates come back here and with ecological clubs of schoolboys. On a commercial basis of educational naturalists' programs it is not spent. And probably it is correct. A tourist infrastructure still weak, and all the same children's groups cannot be under construction in a random way – simply on sale of permits.

    The purposeful and long-term help of the state to children's naturalists' collectives is More likely necessary.

    Kerch peninsula, in particular, breakages of Kerch strait – one of the best in the country of places for gathering geological collections.

    Before to collect stones - the minerals having a certain chemical compound, or the rocks consisting of various minerals in special parities, it is necessary to look some geological collections, for example, in the Simferopol museum of local lore, a museum of the nature of the Crimean reserve in Alushte, at geographical faculty of the Simferopol university. It will help to define the purposes of your collection and to develop any representations about the necessary samples, their placing and registration.

    To Collect stones it is possible everywhere, but is better in so-called exposures: on washed away the rivers and by the sea coast, in open-cast mines, breakages, road slopes etc., There, where layers of different rocks replace each other and testify about absolutely different, sea, overland conditions in the past with all its cataclysms: vulkanizmom, skladkoobrazovaniem, washout, adjournment of deposits etc. In vicinities of Kerch set of open-cast mines. (Raw materials open-cast mines of quartz sand are most interesting to glass manufacture) and iron ore from them.

    Quartz sand differs special fluidity so on it it is possible to go for a drive in the summer on a snowboard and mountain skiing or simply to somersault, as it also is very soft.

    Iron ore can be so-called oolites (jaichki or berries) – friable enough rusty colour of formation or dense layered blocks.

    These layers are filled by the minerals formed in cracks and emptiness of breeds from difficult chemical solutions circulating in them, and the hardened rests or prints of ancient organisms: leaves of ferns and needles coniferous, armours of fishes and molluscs, chlenistyh bodies and wings of insects, bones of pangolins and the first mammals.

    The Most widespread in district of Kerch geological souvenirs it is bowls of ancient molluscs. In layers of their iron ore pantsyri have turned to native iron, they look very effectively, playing krasnovato-brown and issinja black tones.

    The Most beautiful crystal minerals kerchenit and anapait can directly be in bowls. But is much more often meet simply to cracks of clumpy formations of ore. Kerchenit it is similar to flat needle stars of dark blue colour, and anapait on a velvet small scattering of crystals.

    In thickness of ore meets and hardened a tree. As a result of a certain ancient accident tree layers were replaced with variously painted layers of a noble stone – onyx, a cornelian, chalcedony.

    As to the most widespread here kerchenskogo limestone its pliability to aeration leads to the most improbable forms. Besides it is perfectly polished and varnished.

    Equipment of the hunter behind stones not difficult: a geological hammer, a chisel, a shovel, a notebook, collapsible metre or a roulette, a brown paper, small sacks for loose breeds, cotton wool for fragile samples.

    Samples break away from a stone strong and sharp blow, preliminary having planned a place taking into account lamination and cracks. At the moment of blow it is necessary to watch, that nearby was nobody, splinters can wound associates, and most it is important to protect hands and eyes, even to blink at the moment of blow.

    Do not pursue the sizes of a stone though for school and high school collections it should be about 5 sm in a diameter. The selected sample pack into a brown paper or a sack where the label is put also. On it write number of the sample, date and a gathering place and if the breed or mineral name is possible also. This data is duplicated in a notebook - “a gathering Diary”.

    Samples then stack in wooden (or from other strong material) a box so that they did not rub and did not fight the friend about the friend at transportation. Record on labels and in a diary needs to do by a simple pencil then they will not deteriorate from a moisture. In a diary will be, by the way and schemes of your routes with places of selection of stones, sketches of layers of rocks and veins of minerals, descriptions of features of modern geological processes: collapses, landslips, washout by rain waters, the river, the sea, wind erosion.

    It is always pleasant to make not easier manual, but also a beautiful bagatelle Of especially effective samples. Not only semi-precious stones, but also the most widespread in Crimea diabase, mramorovidnyj limestone, even a shell rock at good polishing of a cut can show original and refined drawing of "private world". Stones can be used in room, priusadebnyh, country flower hills, the Alpine gardens, in compositions with colours, roots and leaves, etc.

    In a zone of shoal and hardly above a pebble and gravel always bright with accurate internal granularity, and here without a moisture all their paints and patterns die away. They are easy for freshening the most usual varnish. If at furnish of apartment or a country house you fix in plaster of a wall or on a threshold of one-two beautiful naked child and will varnish (each varnish coat will make structure of a stone of more volume, lamination - is more contrast), it will be quite good memory of the sea.

    At last, those who works behind a table and at open windows, use beautiful and heavy stones simply for fastening of papers.

    Igor Uljankin

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