Crimea. Rest on Kerch peninsula  
rest in Kerch
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    health resorts of Kerch
  • Sanatorium ' the Sail '
  • Boarding house ' the Lock '
  • Boarding house ' the Dawn'
  • Boarding house ' Kiev '
  • Boarding house ' Hope '
  • Base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • Base of rest ' the Surf '
  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    the Calendar of the cores sobity and holidays

    on May, 8th - Torch procession and representation on a grief Mitridat in Kerch in honour a Victory Day. it is very pathos and zrelishchno. On the mountain during all holidays of the company kerchan arrange picnics with shish kebabs. The people walk.

    the End of June - Vseukrainsky festival of a choreography "Крэчѕ¦Ёшщ сЁшч" in Kerch

    on June, 28th - on July, 4th - the International festival of an antique drama "…юёяюЁёъшх руюэ№" in Kerch

    2-6 - Festival an author's song "-Ё№ьёъюх ¤Ёшрчютіх" in ShChelkino

    the first Sunday of July - Day of the fisherman in Kerch - the most mass and bright holiday of a city by the sea and quay

    September - e zhegodnaja conference " Scientific and green tourism in East to Crimea " in Kerch. Dialogue of representatives of various areas of a science and experts of tourist business. Organizers: the Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea, the constant commission of the Supreme body of Crimea on culture, affairs of youth and sports, Kerchensky city council, Kerchensky state historical and cultural reserve, Fund "Боспор", Fund "Ukraine-USA", the Case of the World of the USA in Ukraine.

    on September, 18th – the City Day of Kerch. Mass guljanija, cultural and advertising actions.

    August - the International competitions on to kajt-surfing and festival "-рчрэ=шя-ёяюЁ=" in ShChelkino.

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    Bars, restaurants, cafe

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