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    Safety and a hyena

    Pocket beaches. Among breakages and landslips of wild coast of Kerch peninsula meet very cosy and romantic pocket beaches . It when the ground slips and settles under the influence of waves hardly faster in one place, hardly more slowly along the edges so something is formed like an amphitheatre, in the narrow bays which are coming to an end with small cool grottoes.

    Pljazhiki in width 2 - 3 metres and 10 - 15 metres consist length of sand or small gravel and contain a considerable quantity of bowls of molluscs. At a wave storm cover them entirely, therefore to spend the night (if possibility will be presented) it is necessary only in an average part of a coastal slope, there where the grass grows. The pocket beach surrounded from three parties with breakages, gives rare sensation of loneliness and immersing in the protogenic nature: the blue horizon is empty and around it is not visible not a soul though in ten metres in same "pocket" other campaign enjoys a role robinzonov.

    Because of instability of rocks of breakages pocket beaches will be avoided still for a long time by resort building - and thank God! The most interesting in these heavenly spots that here quite often is also fresh water, though around droughty steppe. The matter is that sea water through friable adjournment of bays or beams approaches far deep into dry. Rain waters, rolling down to the sea, are late treshchinovatymi breeds, get downwards and as fresh water is easier sea, form lenses transparent and vkusnejshej waters. Here and there at coast stone round wells have remained still, in others potable water presence is given out by small bosks of trees - the present oases.

    One of such oases is at village Treasured on the bank of Kerch strait.

    But on the same passage it is a lot of and lifeless breakages from loess. It is the special breed consisting from small pylevatyh of particles of light-brown colour. Wood is capable to keep vertical breakages in some tens metres in height. However from time to time they are showered.

    After a tragical case at settlement Kacha in June, 2005 when several having a rest fell asleep on a wild beach a landslip, not to the superfluous will give some councils:

    • the coastal breakage absolutely deprived of a grass and steep is unstable;
    • breakage on which slopes the grass and a bush grows and under which there are even trees, for example, wild olive (silvery loha), is quite reliable;
    • settling down on a beach under breakage, mentally imagine as blocks from its edges can far fall. It can be made on an example of recent collapses, estimations of cracks in boards of breakage and on its top;
    • after long rains refrain in general from visiting of wild beaches under breakages;
    • never loudly shout under breakages, never throw stones from above and do not approach to breakage edge.

    Huge spaces porosshih canes of boggy lowlands and estuaries promote prosperity of improbable quantities mosquitoes.

    The Best means from them is produbit and to salt the skin the sun, a wind and by the sea. Mosquitoes for stings search for a skin is more thin.

    It is impossible to scratch places of stings. Can gain the wadded tampon moistened with spirit or cologne, and also a small amount of the Vietnamese balm "Гюыю=р  чтхчфр". The Same concerns and scratches on a skin of hands and the shins left a grass and branches of trees or bushes though the sea and without that is excellent "чрышч№трх=" also polishes a skin.

    So-called disturbing insects - midges, podenki, mosquitoes are capable and to spoil a dream without stings, to poison travel. To get rid of them it is possible to apply repellents - frightening off chemical substances, but it only as a last resort and not long: if this "§шьш " it is harmful to our most smaller "сЁр=і ь" also it is not useful to our health. Therefore for rest and a lodging for the night choose solar clearings blown by a wind, hillocks, edges.

    In the sea at Crimean serious dangers are not present coast. The Black Sea shark katran, for example, is small harmless fish. The small poisonous small fish - a slope - hvostokol (a sea cat) if on it to come a foot can represent a problem only that is possible only in those places where people happen extremely seldom. Black Sea jellyfishes allocate the poisonous slime useful, for example, at rheumatism and in general raising imunnuju system, but at slime hit in eyes, they should be washed out urgently fresh water.

    Sea uzhi which live among rocky bays of cape Kazantip and other capes of the Azov coast, absolutely harmless and even pleasant creations. They are not capable even to bite. Please, concern them very carefully.

    And here at purchase to live fish or at fishing be cautious with sharp fins or a teeth of fishes. Any danger of poisonous infection is not present, but pricks can be painful.

    First aid Phone - 03 in all cities and settlements.

    Igor Uljankin

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