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    the Review of parks and beaches

    Beaches free, beaches and parks of bases of rest are accessible and to strangers. Are good for small children, for family rest, are interesting to youth.

    In city centre the beach is not present Kerch. In area Arshintsevo there is a Karantinsky beach (a bus stop "Ђэё=ш=ѕ=" and downwards under breakage), narrow and overloaded small beaches are visitors, and in Vojkovo some. kerchane prefer a spacious golden beach to Eltigena . From it to Tobechiksky lakes it is almost possible to go all the day. The shoal bottom here, as well as on Azov, is interesting vdolberegovym by sandy shaft. It is so-called a bar . In the beginning quickly enough you enter into water on a belt or on a breast, then the bottom rises, and already knee-deep. On bars very much zanjatno to play, frolic, jump on a wave. Water in passage, especially in shallow bays with bars gets warm to 28 degrees, therefore here bathe long.

    At bottom tridtsatimetrovyh steep breakages of loess (clay rock) huddle only narrow pljazhiki. They are interesting to that directly in breakage prolayers of iron ore are bared, and the beach pebble reminds rusty zhelezjaki among which the bowls of ancient molluscs replaced with iron come across. The coast is dangerous at storm, in coastal shoal set of stones with keen edges, and also exits of slippery clay. After village Treasured on the south good beaches and bowls of molluscs form of sand only rerashes of small salty lakes. And the exit to open spaces of Black sea delivers only art pleasure - here, at cape Takyl (quite suitable uncomfortable name) is not present either villages, or trees, either beaches, or safe descent to water.

    On a huge extent of the Black Sea coast Kerchensky you can not count peninsula on one metre not only resorts, but also a resort virgin soil. Except for the spacious and well equipped beach at village Jakovenkovo. Directly over a beach the big base of rest with cases of different level of comfort, athletic fields and pleasant flower beds is constructed. Having a rest in district not especially it is a lot of, so on base freely pass also health-resort visitors from a private sector in village. Fishing small houses small and as a rule without conveniences, the price – the lowest in Crimea. Private boarding houses only begin the business. The prices in them only the little above than in rural houses.

    Fine beaches are at mountain Opuk , but it is a reserve zone. Here two lakes - Kojashsky and Uzunlarsky are separated from the sea by excellent sandy rerashes. Well and at cape Chauda , a huge Feodosijsky gulf finishing an arch, lake Kachik also is separated from the sea by a sandy rerash. To small village Black Sea conducts from Feodosijsky highway of road of 38 km through desert so if on a place at coast nobody waits for you, even do not think here to go.

    So we will return to Kerch. In a half an hour of driving from a city divergently many good and spacious beaches on rerashes, tongues of sand, and also small "ърЁьрээ№§" beaches on opolznevyh slopes. Passage conditions are characterised on village by Osoviny: a swimming season for adults from May, 21st till October, 9th, for children from May, 30th till September, 14th, cold "=хёхэшщ" does not happen, but half of days can be with storm (from them only one-two weeks in 4 points and above), in bays and under protection of plaits storm, of course, it is less. The sun on passage hardly more than in Yalta - 1790 hours from April till October, a climate steppe, autumn unpleasant with penetrating winds.

    From the cape Hroni dividing Kerch strait and sea of Azov , hundreds kilometres of a resort virgin soil begin: a bay Bulganak at village Jurkino, a deserted bay Reeves , pour Chokraksky mud lake at village Resort (the former Mum Russian), a huge beach Kazantipsky a gulf with unusual for Crimea, but native pines for Baltic on dunes, which, the truth also alternate landings white "рърчшш" (with fragrant and edible, by the way, sweet clusters of colours). The beach centre is achievable from station Fresh-water , beaches at Mysovogo, Semenovki and cities ShChelkino on Arabatsky a gulf - all these big beaches alternate, divided by steep sites with fantastic heaps grayish porous kerchenskogo limestone of which the sea and a wind do amazing sculptures; with opolznevymi circuses, dumetose and a cane; with "ърЁьрээ№ьш" the beaches covered with scatterings of fresh bowls. And after that everything, at last from village Kamensk - huge the Arabatsky arrow , 100 km of the shelly gold dust washed by the warm and small sea on the one hand and by Sivash with another. Here almost present desert, but in our overloaded and whether is the overpopulated century advantage?

    Igor Uljankin

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