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    health resorts of Kerch
  • Sanatorium ' the Sail '
  • Boarding house ' the Lock '
  • Boarding house ' the Dawn'
  • Boarding house ' Kiev '
  • Boarding house ' Hope '
  • Base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • Base of rest ' the Surf '
  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    Kerch. After all we go to have a rest, instead of to search for defects

    All who badly speaks about Kerch - anything in it have understood. In each city there is a highlight, and it needs to be found. And those who says that Kerch, a gloomy, cold tomb - simply bores who have got used to razbalovannoj to Yalta. As a matter of fact, Yalta - the same hole, as Kerch, it is simple PR at it the best. In any resort city except as there is nothing in the summer, really it not all is still clear. And Kerch - it class. And I happen in it not only in the summer, but also in the spring. And in the spring the city too is matchless. When in huge Kharkov in the spring also does not smell, there already all blossoms. And in the summer there simply super. The sea, the sun, - at-u-u!!! And the prices rather cheap, and it, agree it is important, when you go to have a rest. On JUBK all is much more expensive. Three times at least. So rest in Kerch without sensational losses for the family budget - a thing real. Also do not say that there it is bad. Always it is possible to find in any city-resort, at what to carp, but what for? After all we go to have a rest, instead of to search for defects.

    the Author: Julia, Kharkov
    It is placed: 1 30 2006
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