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    health resorts of Kerch
  • Sanatorium ' the Sail '
  • Boarding house ' the Lock '
  • Boarding house ' the Dawn'
  • Boarding house ' Kiev '
  • Boarding house ' Hope '
  • Base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • Base of rest ' the Surf '
  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    Kerch. Ancient, but eternally young city

    Those who writes badly about Kerch to me difficultly to understand. Certainly there in September there is nothing... But in the summer there simply to be stunned. This city the most ancient in Ukraine (26 centuries) also occupies 3 place on age in the CIS. So much historical places you likely anywhere will not meet in Crimea. On teritorii cities nahodjatsja 5 antique cities (the Most interesting: Panticapaeum, Mirkmery, the third to be in geroevke. The name has not remembered), church Ioana of the Forerunner (one of 4х most starinyh churches of the Christian world!!!) A unique construction of antiquity "НрЁёъшщ ъѕЁурэ" a Turkish fortress of 1703, "+фцшьѕ°ърщ" (I consider it it is one of great monuments of the Second World War - very much, very much I advise you it to visit) etc. the Truth all of them rasskidany on teretorii all city - I advise to buy a card. Certainly in the city there are no strongly good beaches, but in suburb they simply super!!! As on me the best month for Kerch is July. I wish to spend time successfully in it starinom, but eternally young city.

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    It is placed: 1 30 2006
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