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    health resorts of Kerch
  • Sanatorium ' the Sail '
  • Boarding house ' the Lock '
  • Boarding house ' the Dawn'
  • Boarding house ' Kiev '
  • Boarding house ' Hope '
  • Base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • Base of rest ' the Surf '
  • B/o ' Steppe dews '

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    Kerch. There simply wonderful sea of Azov!

    it is strange that it is the first response about Kerch ! Though... Yes, after all Kerch not the resort city, and is faster a place for silent family rest. I even am glad that crowds of tourists here do not run, and there come people who love quiet pleasure by the stunned landscapes, by the warm sea (after all here it is warmer, than on southern coast) and historical monuments. For last 4 years the city has considerably got prettier. The central streets perfectly well otrestravirovany and getting here, it seems as if it has appeared in small Europe. I advise to go to the item of Osoviny or the item of Jurkino. There simply wonderful sea of Azov! Pesochno-stone beaches, and stones in water big and flat if to float with a mask it is possible to see the rich sea world, even near coast, and water is much warmer, than in Black sea. It is a lot of excursions, both on a city, and across all Crimea, inexpensive habitation, it is a lot of kafeshek on quay and on central streets. I advise to visit cafe "Л¦=" on Lenin's street, there simply stunned mullet in the swept away sauce. To fans of fish I advise to try a smoke-cured mackerel, smoked barabulku, hamsu and, of course, mussels. All can be bought it in the central market near road service station. Information sites about Kerch on the Internet enough, come into forums, esteem stories about visiting of this city, a practical advice, I yet have not found any negative response. Good luck and excellent summer at Kerchensky coast!

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    It is placed: 1 30 2006
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