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    Crimea. Rest on Kerch peninsula

    Local landscapes - on the fan: here there are no bright paints and juicy tones of Juzhnoberezhja, forms of a relief amaze with massiveness and monumentalism; more shortly, it is necessary to look narrowly and then to open all new and new lines wildish, deserted and any unmodern, not from this life of a landscape.

    the Administrative status, economy and the population. Kerch peninsula is isolated by the nature from other Crimea. It differs both landscapes, and history, it already as though border with Asia and at all times the major strategic territory. It is occupied poorly. In a Soviet period has been stuffed by military facilities and ranges.

    However, thanks to huge ranges voensovhoza "East" on cape Opuk protogenic steppes and a unique colony of a pink starling, anywhere in the world any more not meeting have remained.

    The Administratively basic part of Kerch peninsula concerns to to Lenin area with the centre in settlement Lenino (railway station With em kolodezej).


    Gorod ShChelkino (13 thousand inhabitants) has regional submission, but has become famous itself, and Crimea has glorified among cyber-punks and club youth of all all world, thanks to the first festivals of electronic music "Ka Z antip".

    Now the musical festival is spent absolutely in other place, but the cape Kazantip and the city of ShChelkino had a stable recognition among ekstremalov, nonconformists, artists and photographers, fans izoteriki, naturistov and other entertaining public.

    The Basic profile of agriculture - grain, and also animal industries. There are also vineyards, the Bagerovsky winery lets out inexpensive dry and fortified wines.

    To tourists are most interesting local rybkolhozy and the fishing artels, trading sturgeons, the bull-calves, well-known kerchenskuju a herring and hamsu.

    Big enough territory along Kerch strait is occupied with city lands Kerch (170 thousand inhabitants), on them the city and some settlements is located at the large industrial enterprises.

    Anywhere there are no such ample opportunities for trailering. Are easily accessible 4 (!) different sea water areas: Black sea, Kerch strait, Azov, Sivash and ten curative lakes. And everywhere various salinity and a water temperature, and the main thing - the special fish.

    Chains of hills everywhere limit horizon so having passed all pair of kilometres, it appear in the forgotten world. Well and when you get to "a pocket" beach - all paradise terrestrial appears personally yours!

    But it is final, the majority having a rest prefers sandy beaches in tens kilometres in length, golden arches framing some local gulfs.

    Booking of permits in health resorts of area you can make on a server " Rest in Crimea without intermediaries".

    Water gets warm in the summer to +28 degrees, and in some places of storm practically does not happen, so the sea laps all in several metres from habitation.

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